What is the NCC service and how much does it cost?

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What's ncc service and how much it costs

The NCC (Rental with driver) service is very often identified as the alternative to cabs, and partly this is also true. Like cabs, the chauffeur-driven car rental service follows the same regulations because it is non-scheduled public transportation so it can operate even when traffic restrictions come into effect, it can operate in ZTL and express lines.

Especially in large cities, one often notices tour buses, cars and vans with the NCC mark on the back next to the license plate or in front on the windshield. The sticker shows the permit number and the municipality that issued it.

In fact, perhaps not everyone knows that in Italy it is not only allowed to rent “gran turismo” coaches when organizing trips and excursions, but also smaller vehicles such as minibuses and cars, with which one can move around always accompanied by a driver. At one time chauffeur-driven car rental was a service used almost exclusively by VIPs who needed to move with some privacy and using a luxury car driven by a driver who respected their privacy. Today it is increasingly popular and appreciated so much that the public transport has come to prefer it to cabs in many cases.

NCC service is a public service

As mentioned above, the NCC service is a non-scheduled public service that can only be carried out by people who hold a permit issued by an Italian municipality following a public competition. The whole matter concerning the NCC service is regulated by Law.

This is a public service because the vehicles used in transportation are registered as vehicles authorized for public transportation. Of course, it is not a scheduled service because the route that is followed is not fixed and does not predetermined timetables. The route is agreed from time to time with customers, as is the time of service and the corresponding fare, which is fixed.

Why NCC service is not the same as that performed by cabs

Firstly, the NCC service is a public service that has to be carried out by reservation only. This makes it very different from a cab, which is a free service that is always available on the road and therefore does not requires a reservation.

Let’s take an example: I am on the street and I need a car immediately to go to the office, I see a cab standing there a few meters away from me and it is free, I get into and let it takes me to my destination. With the NCC service this is not possible, I can not get into an NCC vehicle on the fly because it has to be booked first, the law does not allow me to use the first NCC I see and have it takes me where I want to go.

Secondly, beyond this clarification which has a basis in the current regulations the other major difference is the cost of transportation provided by the cab is not predetermined but is determined by the meter at the end of the ride. In the NCC service the cost of transportation from the point of departure to the place of destination is clear, fixed, and communicated to the customer at the time of booking. With chauffeur-driven car rental there are not nasty surprises or misunderstandings about the fare to be paid, because this has been agreed with the customer in advance. All the customers have to do is just to sit in the car and arrive at their destination without stress and without any worry that the taxi driver will not purposely lengthen the route to run the meter.

NCC service is more beneficial for customers

Unlike a cab, here the customer is not just any passenger who gets in on the fly to be transported somewhere else. With chauffeur-driven car rental, a personalized service is offered first and foremost an atmosphere of trust is established just by the fact that the passenger knows in advance the car that will pass by and the driver is a licensed professional, so he is in trustworthy hands.

Thanks to the reservation, moreover a dialogue is established through which the services that the customer needs can be agreed upon, tailored to him and trying to meet his expectations as much as possible.

Compared to taxi, the NCC service is available at all times 24 hours a day even at night and on holidays when cabs are stopped. One of the most significant advantages for the passenger is the reliability of the driver: this is a person who had to pass an exam in order to obtain a license, demonstrating knowledge not only of the mechanics of the car but above all of the territory, the English language for tourist purposes, and notions of first aid. The driver for all intents and purposes is a professional, confidential person who knows the area and therefore is able to choose the fastest route to get his destination quickly.

Finally, the last advantage: savings. With a cab, when you get stuck in traffic, the meter keeps running inexorably and the final fare is always a drain, especially in larger cities. With a chauffeur-driven rental this does not happen because we have already agreed on the fare when we have booked, you almost always pay a significantly lower rate than with a cab, especially over longer distances.

NCC service also pays off for companies

Certainly such a reliable and structured service suits companies that need highly elastic and economical solutions. Especially for companies and hotels that wish to offer their customers and employees a cheaper solution with a qualitatively superior image.

Hotels and companies, in fact, frequently need to arrange transfers to and from the airport or to other destinations, without necessarily having to use their own vehicles. For these activities, therefore, there is the possibility of forming ongoing collaborations with rental agencies with driver, with the benefit of taking advantage of personalized, exclusive and operationally reliable services. There are a great number of companies and accommodations in Italy that establish partnerships with NCC companies through customized contracts.

  1. Agreed, fixed rates that are cheaper than those charged by taxi;
  2. Ability to provide 24/7 transfers even when cabs are not available;
  3. Ability to renegotiate the partnership agreement if necessary;
  4. Especially favorable rates for multi-day rentals with driver;
  5. Prestigious rental cars, because from an image point of view a luxurious car impresses customers favorably;
  6. No need to keep one or more owned vehicles stationary, paying all their costs such as insurance, car tax, fuel, road depreciation, etc.

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