Five reasons to rent a chauffeur-driven car abroad

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While vacationing abroad, whether alone or with a family, for work or vacation, often we don’t have enough time to experience an almost unlimited number of places, to participate in activities, attend events, or just do some shopping. Very often we fail to do what we really want and plan our routes optimally. However, by renting a car with a driver while traveling, you will have the time and convenience you need to get the most out of your adventure. Chauffeured car rental, called NCC for short, allows you to rent a car, larger or smaller, depending on your needs.

No planning or wasted time

Public transport often does not allow you to plan and organize your route quickly and efficiently. In addition, the use of public transport often involves waiting, stopping and queuing during the journey if different types of services such as ferries or trains or subways have to be connected to reach the destination. The result is that a substantial amount of time is lost en route. Last but not least is that the result is not fully guaranteed being public transport sometimes unpredictable for example due to sudden strikes.

Greater freedom of travel

Renting a chauffeur-driven vehicle allows you to travel in your free time or for work requirements and to reach the places you wish to visit easily, quickly and in maximum comfort. The freedom that this type of service offers, will allow you to make the most of your trips without additional stress of any kind such as having to park the car often far away from the place you intend to get to which is frequently added to the cost of parking and the stress of receiving a ticket because you stayed longer than initially budgeted.

Rent a car with a driver to explore

When exploring a new country, to discover interesting places without running into tourist traps can be a very fun experience that can, however, sometimes turn into a real nightmare if you do not have a thorough knowledge of the place. Using chauffeur-driven rental services you can explore even the little-trodden paths without the risk of getting lost, without unpleasant surprises, and this is thanks to the driver’s experience and knowledge of the places. And if there are also children,  moving with a chauffeur-driven car is even more comfortable for them and their parents.

Rent a car to save money in a group

Single travelers, understandably, have fewer financial concerns about using public transportation while on vacation. On the other hand, with families and groups, costs can increase significantly and quickly by using cabs, buses, and public transportation in general. Renting a car wirh a driver is usually the cheapest option when traveling in a group. There are not any additional costs associated with, for instant, renting a vehicle without a driver such as insurance, diesel fuel, parking, and whatnot.  

Only when you need it and for as long as you need it

Unlike a traditional rental in which you also rent the vehicle for as long as you are not going to use it and thus essentially paying to keep it stationary, the chauffeur-driven rental service you pay only for its actual use in a way similar to public transportation service but without its shortcomings such as not having widespread coverage of the territory. In fact, there are places in areas where public transport does not yet arrive, and if it does, then not often.

The chauffeur-driven car rental service is by far  the best compromise for commuting or vacation.

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